Stall Decorating Contest


  1. All exhibitors purchasing stalls for the AHR National Sport Horse Show are eligible.
  2. Stall Contest entry is FREE.
  3. Exhibitors must register their stall(s) in one of the two divisions (INDIVIDUAL or GROUP) in order to participate
  4. INDIVIDUAL Division will consist of 1-2 horses. GROUP Division will consist of 3 or more horses
  5. One entry per group (i.e. one farm enters as one group, not multiple groups)
  6. Signup sheets should be completed in the show office upon check-in.
  7. Entries must utilize the assigned theme GOLDEN GOOD TIMES: Celebrating AHR’s First 25 Years
  8. A mystery Judge will perform random inspections between 3 pm July 5th and 3 pm July 7th with scoring based on the following criteria:
    • Cleanliness 40 points (are stalls and stabling area clean, orderly, obstruction-free, safe, and effective? Are horses clean & watered?)
    • Originality 20 points (do stall decorations utilize space in a creative and unique manner?)
    • Theme 20 points (do stall decorations reflect originality while keeping within the theme?)
    • Quality 20 points (are stall decorations of high quality, creative, and functional?)
  9. Decorations may not block aisles. No nails or tacks used. No electronic devices, loud noises, or light. Decorations should not extend into the aisle.
  10. All Kentucky Horse Park rules & regulations must be followed. Visit for more information.
  11. One winner in each of the two divisions will be announced and ribbons presented Saturday evening.