Beautiful 4-Up Hitch Harness with Extras: Additional Pictures

Graciously donated by Carol Swanberg of Wilde Ledge Farm in Woodstock, Connecticut. Originally owned by Temple Farm and purchased at over $10,000, Carol very much wanted this quality harness to go back in the hands of a Haflinger hitch owner. Beautifully detailed and crafted, the harness was previously used by the Kelton Hitch and believed to be made by same leather crafters who made the Budweiser Hitch harnesses. Collars range in size from 21-24 inches. Lovely setup includes 2 lead harnesses, 2 wheeler harnesses, and several extra pieces. Lines not included.

Sure to be a highlight of the sale, so spread the word!

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Harness Includes:

  • 5 Draft style collars (one 23/24”, three 21” and one 22” – some with ornaments, some without)
  • 5 Saddles (three 19”, one 21”, one not measured)
  • 5 Breastplates (43” for the most part)
  • 5 Cruppers
  • 5 Hames
  • 4 Bridles (44” and includes at least two nosebands plus 3 bits ranging from 5.5 to 6 inches)
  • 4 Back straps
  • 4 Girths
  • 3 Traces (complete – two traces with chains attached)
  • 1 Trace (partial – one trace with chain attached)
  • 1 Check piece
  • EXTRAS (belly strap, line holder, crupper)
  • No lines/reins included